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World Missions

Dean & Doris Turner

Missionaries to Russia & former Soviet Bloc Countries and have been serving since 1982.  Their ministry focus has been educating pastors and church leadership, providing teaching materials, holding seminars in the local churches and teaching at Bible Schools.

Randy & Donna Denton / Spirit & Truth Ministries

Randy & Donna have been serving as full-time missionaries to Mexico since 1988.  They have been involved with establishing churches and construction programs. Out of Donna's heart, a feed program for the children was birthed to provide for the poorest of the the poor.  Each Christmas, they give out hundreds of shoe boxes filled with toys and candy.  Spirit & Truth Ministries also conducts on online ministry in which people for all over the world can receive the plan of salvation & discipleship with a click of the mouse.  

Jeff & Christa Mills / Final Harvest Ministries

Missionaries to Guatemala since 1993.  During this time, they have helped plant three churches and seen healthy growth.  Their greatest love is seeing people brought into the Kingdom of God and they have a heart for revival.  Jeff is not only a missionary to Guatemala, he has ministered India and Germany.

David & Vicenta Cabral / Tower of Refuge Ministries

David and Vicenta are missionaries in the Philippines.  They recently launched "Livelihood Ministry" which equips and empowers families to become self-dependent through providing education, supplies and tools to earn a living.  Being an advocate for children, widows, elderly and the less fortunate, has allow them to minister with the love of Christ and bring salvation.

Shan Kikon / Faith Harvest Church

Shan Kikon has been pastoring since 2002 in Nagaland, India.  With being situated between Bhutan and Myanmar, his calling includes reaching the lost in these countries as well as other regions in India.  He has pioneered and launched a fellowship of churches called Asia Harvest Alliance.  His desire and vision are sending more missionaries and plating churches. 

Noah & Denise Bower / GenderSave

Our motto is Rescuing Children, Empowering Moms, Building Families.  We exist to combat genocide in India and the social attitude that allows and accepts it.  We work diligently to prevent the murder and neglect of young girls.  Offer training classes in much needed social skills for moms which helps them find employment.  We offer counseling for couples and the extended family where there is division over the birth of a daughter. 

Susiri  & Swarna Liyanage / Smyrna Church

Pastor Susiri & Swarna have been in ministry for 45 years in Sri Lanka.  Both were led to Jesus out of Buddhism and have a great compassion and understanding of the Buddhist people.  With the end of a 30 year civil war, the opportunity for ministry has opened up.  Their son, Meashed, has joined them in this effort of evangelizing.

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