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Nursery - Pre-K

We have a nursery available from newborn-24 months and a toddler class for ages 2-3 years old. Bright, creative environment and age appropriate games and toys will provide your child with an environment where the love of God will be expressed to them. We have a loving, caring team of workers who take great pride in nurturing God's latest creations!


Our Pre-K class is for ages 4-5 years old. This is a place for kids to enjoy music, games, and learn about the word of God.

The Great Kid's Adventure (K - 5 grade)

The Great Kids Adventure is a place where children K-5th grade meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings to see friends, talk about God, play games and activities and participate in a time of worship. Our goal is to present Bible wisdom in a fresh and relevant way that sticks with kids, promoting wise choices and trust in matter what! The Great Kids Adventure is a great place to bring friends and let them learn about Jesus.

CrossRoads Jr. High (5 – 8 grade)

Cliff and Dee Anna Pittman - Leaders

CrossRoads is our Jr. High ministry (grades 5-8) at Family Worship Center. It is our goal to make every jr. high student feel welcome and feel like they have a place where there can build friendships and grow in their relationship with Christ. 

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IMPACT High School Ministry (9 – 12 grade)

Teddy and Clara Thomas - Leaders

Throughout history God has used young people to carry out His divine purpose. We believe this generation of youth is no exception. God wants to transform them into the likeness of His Son and has given them special gifts to edify the Kingdom and make an IMPACT on their generation.

College and Career (young adults 18-30)

Shane & Kathy Gigout - Leaders

This is a group designated for the young adults (18-30). We meet on Wednesday nights 7pm and we are about to start a bible study on Friday nights 7pm over the book "In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day".  We meet on Wednesday nights 7pm.

Women of Destiny
Sherill Pace - Leader

The Family Worship Center Women’s Ministry provides a nurturing atmosphere that teaches, blesses, honors, and appreciates women. Through sound, biblical principles and anointed fellowship women are empowered to walk in spiritual freedom, authority and security. Our mission is to impact Women of Destiny and our community by surrounding them with the relationships and foundational resources needed to live beyond their potential in a Spirit of Excellence.

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Men’s Ministry
Steve Banda - Leader

Here at Family Worship Center we want to gather men, when the enemy wants to scatter. We desire to create a place of refuge to restore the hearts and minds of men. These two actions bring us to the place of discipleship. Discipleship is a commissioning that our Lord and Master Jesus Christ commands us to do as men. We believe that men have anointing and power to restore and build our families, church, community, nation, and the world. It has been stated "being born a man is a matter of birth but becoming a man is a matter of choice! 

Married Couples
Theresa & Royal Pore - Leaders

The Family Worship Center Married Life Ministry focuses on the needs and challenges facing the family unit in today’s society. We provide activities, support, fellowship and discipleship. This is a great place for married couple to build relationships with other families. Our mission is to equip families with tools to build strong marriages, raise Godly children, and impact their communities.

Mission’s Program
Ashley & Ben Fisher - Leaders

The heart beat of our church has been our missions outreach. We are reaching out to the rest of the world through giving, missions trips, building projects and monetary support. October is our missions awareness month.

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Prayer Ministry
John Needler - Leader

Our prayer ministry is seen on three legs. Our ministry team prays for the people during the services as well as special appointment. They operate in a strong deliverance ministry that is designed to set the captive free. The Intercessory prayer ministry brings down walls and opens the heavens and prepares the way through prayer and intercession. They meet each Sunday morning at 9:00. The community prayer reaches out to all of the churches in the surrounding towns and facilitates a monthly prayer meeting. 

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