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Jerry and Angie Edmon
Senior Pastors
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Jerry and Angie Edmon are the Senior Pastors of the Family Worship Center. They have been at Family Worship Center since 1993. Their desire is to strengthen the families of FWC and bring them together in relationship with vision and opportunity.  They believe God has called them to build treasure in you, your children and your children’s children and see your family grow to its fullest potential.

Irvin and Gloria McCorkle
Deliverance Temple International
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Irvin and Gloria McCorkle provide an apostolic oversight for Family Worship Center. He is also the President of the Deliverance Temple International fellowship of ministers. He works with a number of churches to provide ministry, counsel and encouragement.

Mary Hamner
Office Administration

Mary Hamner is the church administrator for FWC.  She manages day to day functions and coordinates activities at the church.  

Michelle Voyles
Office Administration

Michelle Voyles is the financial administrator at FWC.  She assists in giving oversight to all of the purchasing of our department heads and their outreaches.

Allison Quesada
Administrative Assistant

Allison Quesada serves as an administrative assistant to the various staff and department heads at Family Worship Center